Writing in Finnish

Why Writing in Finnish Is So Important?

person writing finnish with a pen
Write in Finnish the good old way, with a pen!

Writing Is Essential in Long-distance Communication

Do you have friends of family in Finland? Do you communicate with your long-distance relative or girl- & boyfriend? You’ll probably need written communication. Finnish is not the easiest language to speak, and writing can also be tricky. After all, we do conjugate our nouns in 15 different ways.

Mistakes in Finnish can make You Seem Uneducated. Or not.

First things first; don’t worry about mistakes. Even Finns do mistakes with their writing. Most talented writers when it comes to content quality, are sometimes the persons who don’t speak Finnish as their native language.

But word of warning is in place, put some emphasis to your grammar and especially verb conjugation. Check more here.

Finnish people can doubt your ability to understand your abilities if you make a lot of errors in your writing.

Finnish language Tests, especially YKI-testi measure your Writing skills

Do you need to prove you can speak Finnish? Are you taking YKI-testi? You will be asked to prove your Finnish writing skills. Often the oral parts in these tests are less tricky, or even considered optional. There is a big weight on the written part of YKI-testi, so do your homework; being excellent in speaking Finnish will not make up for below-average writing skills.

Writing in Finnish Is Essential for Professional life

Fact: If you hope to work in Finland, you will need the language.

Another fact: Most finns speak Finnish and they don’t care if you don’t.

But professional life can be different. Many work places are still a bit old-fashioned, and they do require that you speak Finnish. If you don’t know the language yet, at least have a native to check your important documents. Have a cover letter or cv? Translate them into Finnish! You can ask for my help, find my contacts here.

Ways to Improve Writing in Finnish

Learning to write in a Finnish isn’t that different from learning to write in your native language—which most likely took you somewhere around 12 years of formal schooling to master.

Maybe in your case, the difference is that you are now more self-motivated to master writing in Finnish. And trust me, it won’t take 12 years. However, the same habits that make you a good writer in your native language will help you be a better writer in Finnish.

Read in Finnish

Kids who read a lot have better language skills. Same goes with adults. Reach out to me for reading materials, or tips to access libraries. Expose yourself to all kinds of reading in Finnish and you will pick up new words constantly.

Get a tutor

The best way to build a solid writing skills is to write and get corrected. Remember: This is how you learned to write in your own language. If you’re studying by yourself, you can get corrections on your writing on sites like Lang-8. If you’re working with a private tutor, make sure he or she gives you written homework and corrects it, explaining any mistakes.

You can reach out to me with private tutoring.


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