Finnish question words

Question words are essential in language learning. If you look at little kids, they are awesome in this! We need question words to discover the world and also our new target language.

What are Finnish question words like?

In Finnish we use question words to ask certain types of questions. In English these words are often referred as WH-words. In Finnish we could call the question words MI-words, since many of them start with MI.

The most common question words are MIKÄ/MITÄ and MIKSI.


Table of all Finnish question words

Feel free to create your own question words with the help of sample question sentences below. If you need any help with these, don’t hesitate to book a private Skype class to learn Finnish or contact me.

Here are the most common question words in the Finnish language, followed by some example sentences:
Mikä sinun nimi on?
Mikä sinun ammatti on?
Mikä on Suomen pääkaupunki?

Mitä sinä teit viikonloppuna?
Mitä he odottavat?
Mitä sinä harrastat?

Missä sinä olet?
Missä Turussa on hyvä kahvila?

Mistä olet kotoisin?
Mistä ostit tuon kirjan?

Mihin menemme?
Mihin matkustat?

Kuinka vanha sinä olet?
Kuinkä pitkä sinä olet?
Kuinka monta lasta teillä on?

Miten pääsen sisään?
Miten tämä toimii?

Millä tavalla?
Millä tavalla menet töihin?

Kuka söi minun kakun?
Kuka hän on?

Kenen kengät ovat suurimmat?
Kenen lompakko tämä on?

Kenellä on pisimmät hiukset?
Kenellä on kynä?

Kenelle sinä soitat?
Kenelle ostit lahjan?

Millainen hän on?
Millainen maa Suomi on?

Milloin menemme elokuviin?
Milloin valmistuit yliopistosta?

What is your name?
What is your profession?
What is Finland’s capital city?

What did you do at the weekend?
What are they waiting for?
What do you do as a hobby?

Where are you?
Where in Turku is a good cafe?

Where (from)?
Where are you from?
Where did you buy that book from?

Where (to)?
Where are we going?
Where are you travelling to?

How old are you?
How tall are you?
How many children do you have?

How do I get in?
How does this work?

How?/In what way?
How do you get to work?

Who is she?
Who ate my cake?

Whose wallet is this?
Whose shoes are the biggest?

Who (has)?
Who has the longest hair
Who has a pen?

Who (to/for)?
Who are you calling?
Who did you buy a gift for?

What kind of?
What’s he like?
What kind of country is Finland?

When are we going to the cinema?
When did you graduate from university?

Suljetut kysymykset – Closed Questions in Finnish

A closed question is a question that is looking for a yes or no answer, such as “Do you live in Finland?”
To ask a question in this way in Finnish we simply add ko/kö to the end of the verb (and then put a question mark at the end of the sentence obviously). Here’s what I mean:Oletko (sinä) Suomalainen?  
This means “Are you Finnish?”. If we remove the ko, it becomes a statement “You are Finnish”.

This process works in all of the tenses.

Here are some examples, first in the form of a statement, then in the form of a question:

Sinä harjoittelet suomea joka päivä.
                                                    You practice Finnish every day.

Harjoitteletko suomea joka päivä?                                                        Do you practice Finnish every day?
Hän on käynyt Afrikassa.                                                                              He’s been to Africa.

Onko hän käynyt Afrikassa?                                                                      Has he been to Africa?Menit kouluun eilen.                                                                                    You went to school yesterday.
Menitkö kouluun eilen?                                                                               Did you go to school yesterday?

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