Practical Finnish – Kuusi palaa

Sometimes Finnish language can be amazing, since most of the word are phonetical and usually have one meaning. So you say the word one way, and it means on thing, great!

But sometimes, this is not the case. Enter our case study, KUUSI PALAA.

What does “kuusi palaa” mean?

If you’d ask most Finns what kuusi palaa mean, they would answer the spruce is on fire. This is the most logical meaning.

However, since kuusi can mean several different things, we have a small issue. Kuusi as a noun means spruce. Kuusi is a common tree in Finland and can be seen in most forest.

But then again, kuusi can also mean six or your moon. Kuusi is the number six. But then the noun kuu means moon. And if we would like to express that it is somebody’s moon, we would say kuusi (Kuu is moon and -si is a postposition and means yours).

Again, palaa can mean several different things also. Palaa can mean return, pieces or that something is on fire.

What kuusi palaa can mean?

Picture speaks more than thousand words, let’s check the image below

kuusi palaa

So as you can see, when someone says, yells, whispers or writes KUUSI PALAA, pay attention to the context. It can mean a lot of different things than just the spruce is on fire.


Finnish is full of other amazing words and phrases.

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