Personal pronouns in Finnish

Finnish personal pronouns

The subject or person of the sentence is expressed with the help of personal prounouns. The personal pronouns in Finnish are:

Minä                           I
Sinä                            You
Hän, se                      S/he, it
Me                              We
Te                                You
He                               They

More details about personal pronouns in Finnish

As you can see, there are two words for you – Sinä in finnish language is used to address one person in an informal manner. e g . when talking to family, friends, close acquaintances, children or young people.

The pronoun Te has several uses: it is used when talking to more than one person in an informal manner, as well as for more formal discourse, e.g. when talking to strangers or people to whom the speaker wants to show respect, in both singular and plural.

Notice that there is no difference between she and he, both are expressed by hän. An inanimate subject is expressed by pronoun se.

If you have studied Germanic. Romance or Slavic languages., will appreciate the fact that Finnish has no grammatical gender.

After these, it is easy to move on to verb be.

What are pronouns mä, sä, mie and sie in Finnish?

Here we have focused on the official finnish, so called book finnish, kirjakieli. But everyday language is different.

Depending on the accent, you would say these pronounce differently. Check the verb conjugation page for more info.

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