Months in Finnish

What are the months in Finnish? See the table below.

Months in Finnish

English Finnish
January Tammikuu
February Helmikuu
March Maaliskuu
April Huhtikuu
May Toukokuu
June Kesäkuu
July Heinäkuu
August Elokuu
September Syyskuu
October Lokakuu
November Marraskuu
December Joulukuu


What is the meaning of finnish months?

As you might know, kuu means month. So in the end of each month you simply put the word kuu.
However, each month has a meaning, which usually comes from history.

January – Tammikuu

Tammi means oak, so Tammikuu literally means “month of oak”. Tammi can also mean core, or center of something. So a logical explanation for tammikuu is the core of the winter. January is usually the coldest and darkest month in Finland.
Tammi can also mean axis, and it can also be called the month of axis (New Year).

February – Helmikuu

Helmi means pearl. A popular meaning for pearls in February is the icy pearls that shine in the sun. In February Finland starts to get over the coldest season, and sun starts to shine a bit again.

March – Maaliskuu

Maa means ground. March in Finland is the month where usually snow starts to melt little by little. You can even see some bare ground in southern parts of the country.

April – Huhtikuu

Huhta can mean cleared woods. In the history of Finland, April was the wood burning month. Wood was buerned to clear space for new fields.

May – Toukokuu

Touko means seed. May is usually the planting time, hence the name toukokuu.

June – Kesäkuu

Kesä means summer. June is the first official summer month in Finland.

July – Heinäkuu

Heinä means hay. July is the first month when hay is cut in Finland and brought in.

August – Elokuu

Elo, or elämä means life. Elo can also be translated to the word crop, and this is first harvest month.

September – Syyskuu

Syys or syksy means fall. This is another logical, seasonal name for a month. In September, fall begins.

October – Lokakuu

Loka means mud. It can start to rain a lot in October, and that creates quite a lot of mud. Although October in Finland can be gray and rainy, usually the fall colors are spectacular.

November – Marraskuu

Marras is an ancient word for death. To be honest, October can be the most dreaful month in Finland, that is why many Finns choose to travel during this month. November is dark and rainy in most parts of Finland, no snow yet.

December – Joulukuu

Joulu means Christmas, which makes this name pretty logical.

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