Introduction to Finnish language

A brief guide to Finnish language

Finland, the land of the North. Land of a weird, but fascinating finnish language. Country filled with snow (over 50 words for snow btw), polar bears, forests and lakes. Finland, the land of anti-social, shy and awkward people. Sounds familiar? Are all the stories and stereotypes true? Well, yes and no. Read on.

Facts about languages in Finland

There is approximated 5,5 million people living in Finland. Officially the country has two languages, Finnish and Swedish. Over 93% of the population Finland speaks Finnish, and Swedish is a minority language, spoken roughly 6% of the population.

Finnish is also an official minority language in Sweden and there are notable Finnish-speaking minorities in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.
Finnish language is part of the Uralic family of languages and belongs to the Fenno-Ugric group of languages. so in that sense our “language cousins” are Hungary and Estonia.

What is Finnish language like?

Finnish has a well known reputation of being one of the most trickiest languages to learn. Is it really true that the language is incredibly difficult or is it possible to master it? Yes and no. To answer this question we need a further analysis of the language itself. Check out our article Is Finnish language really that hard? for further info.
But to answer short, the complexity of Finnish language mostly boils down to the grammar. Finnish grammar is considered one of the hardest in the world. And obviously when a language has a lot of rules and exceptions to remember, it makes it challenging to learn.

Can you learn Finnish?

Yes you can.
To learn more of the language, feel free to check all the resources on this site. For example, start from the beginner section.

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