How to say I love you in finnish?

So you met someone great, and are struggling of how to express your love in Finnish. Look no further! See the table below of how to say I love you in Finnish, and see some cultural notes further down.

How to say I love you in Finnish?

I love you in Finnish and other similar expressions

English Finnish
I love you Minä rakastan sinua
I love you (spoken finnish) Mä rakastan sua
How dear you are Ootpas sä rakas
The dearest boy/girl in the world Maailman rakkain poika/tyttö
I always love you Minä rakastan sinua aina
I love you forever Rakastan sinua ikuisesti
I love you always and forever Rakastan sinua aina ja ikuisesti
Do you love me? Rakastatko sinä minua?
You are lovely Sä oot ihana
Dear (literally: gold) Kulta
Loved one Rakas
You are my loved one / my love Olet rakas


Do finns say I love you often?

No we don’t.

I love you – Minä rakastan sinua and the conversation variant Mä rakastan sinua, you don’t hear often, and it’s just reserved for a relationship with your significant other. Howevr, there is great interest to other nicknames and terms (kulta and rakas being probably the most common ones).

In family setting mina rakastan sinua is used quite rarely. There is a common joke about finnish men:

Wife asks from her husband why don’t you ever say I love you. The man replies: I said that to you at the altar, and will inform you if the situation changes.

Between friends, mina rakastan sinua, I love you in finnish, is not common either. I can be said however during after hours, between the sixth and seventh drink.

Are Finns emotionless?

No, we aren’t.
We express our emotions freely, and discuss and give positive feedback to other people. But the expression I love you is reserved for something more special, like intimate relationships.

Do Finns have other funny words?

Oh yes, go check the previous post about best finnish words.

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