How are Finnish people really like?

What kind of people live in Finland?

How are Finnish people like? Are they all super stereotypically shy and reserved? Is everyone an engineer and do all the people drink vodka? Check this article and some interesting links.

what are finnish people like

It has been said that most finnish people can seem hard to get across at first, and that is completely true. Us Finns have a type of outer shell and we tend to protect ourselves a bit and have our own space.

Finns are different from many other nationalities. For example, we are not like American who have the ability to go up and talk to anyone and everyone about anything. Small-talk is hard for us and we can even seem rude with our shyness, awkwardness and the quality of being reserved. We do like to stay to ourselves most of the times.

However, this is not the whole truth. Even though Finns won’t necessarily go out of their way to meet someone new, we still are always really interested of what other people do and especially of what they think about us. At the of the day, Finns are super people-oriented, many times even more than Americans for example.

Can you be friends with Finnish people?

There is a popular saying about Finns: If you make friends with a person from Finland, you have a friend for life. This is really reassuring since most of lives nowadays is superficial and good friends are hard to find. In Finland however, people seem to always have a close circle of good and trustworthy friends. Many people agree with the fact that there’s one key element with this.

Are Finns honest?

Finns are known to be honest and true to their word. If they promise something, it is usually delivered. We are like Germans when it comes to effectiveness, but we take stuff even more seriously. If a Finn promises to come to meet you for a casual cup of coffee at 10am, he will be at the coffee shop waiting for you at 9:50. If you meet a Finn and say “you should totally come to my country!” expect to him to text you from the airport. In Finland, promises are a big deal.

So should you make a Finnish friend? Definitely. Finland if said to be one of the best places to live, and the people are also pretty ok. Try it out.

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