Finnish salaries, how are they like?

Finland is considered a country which is a bit expensive, but also the salaries are higher. Do Finns really earn that much? What is the average salary in Finland? Look no further than this article.

finnish salary

The most common salary in Finland

The most common gross earnings of full-time employees was EUR 2,500 a month last year, according to Statistics Finland’s salary structure statistics.  In terms of numbers, the highest number of employment and civil servants was in this class. This category includes about 69,000 people

In addition to the basic salary, total earnings include all salary supplements, overtime earnings and fringe benefits, but not bonuses or holiday pay.

From EUR 2,500 to EUR 2,599 a month, 69,000 people made it last year. The most typical occupations within this pay range were nurses, kindergarten teachers and construction workers.

Finland average salary

The average salary of Finns is the eighth highest in Europe, the list below from Statistics Finland (Tilastokeskus) shows the pay gap in 32 countries.

In Finland, the pay gap is the smallest in the comparison countries.

The salaries of Finns are higher than average in Europe and on the same level as Swedish salaries.

In 2018, the average monthly salary of a full-time Finnish employee was € 3,386, compared with € 2,116 in the EU.

The median total earnings of full-time employees was 3001 euros per month. Half of those in full-time jobs, therefore, earned less and half earned more.

How does Finland compare with other European salaries?

Seven countries were ahead of Finland in the comparison: Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark. The study also included European countries outside the EU.

At that time, the average wage in Sweden was exactly the same as in Finland, EUR 3 386. In Estonia, the corresponding salary was EUR 1,117.

The highest salaries in Europe are paid in Switzerland and the lowest in Romania. Swiss employees earned an average of € 6,229 per month in 2014, Romanians € 360.

Table of European average salaries

Below is the average salary few years back, when salary information is available for all of the analyzied countries. At that time Sweden was still ahead of Finland. Figures are in euros.

1. Switzerland 6,229

2. Norway 5,162

3. Luxembourg and Denmark 4,461

5. The Netherlands 4,163

8. Ireland 3 718

7. Belgium 3,475

8. Sweden 3,408

9. Finland 3 346

10. Iceland 3,327

11. Britannia 3,251

12. Austria 3 232

13. Germany 3,118

14. France 2,650

15. Italy 2,314

16. Spain 1 975

17. Malta 1 848

18. Cyprus 1 815

19. Slovenia 1 636

20. Greece 1 346

21. Portugal 1 230

22. Estonia 1,070

23. Czech Republic 878

24. Croatia 848

25. Latvia 815

26. Slovakia 782

27. Poland 780

28. Lithuania 661

29. Hungary 574

30. Serbia 506

31. Bulgaria 408

32. Romania 360

Which age class earns the biggest average salaries in Finland?

The age group 40-44 had the largest total earnings last year.

The highest median earnings of full-time employees were in the forties. The highest median total earnings were in the 40-44 age group, at € 3,267 per month. In the older age groups, the median total earnings was slightly lower.

– One of the explanatory factors for the greater merits of the over 40s is that they were more often in management and expert positions, Statistics Finland states in its release.

The smallest median earnings were in adolescents. In the age group 15-19, the median total earnings were 2,030 euros per month, and in the 20-24 age group the equivalent earnings were 2,279 euros. The number of employees was also the lowest in these age groups.

Finnish teacher salary

Finnish teachers salary is a topic which draws a lot of interest, since the education system in Finland is considered one of the best in the world. So what is the teachers salary in Finland?

This is what statistics Finland says:

The average monthly salary for a job title Teacher is 4,025 euros per month. Salaries in the municipal sector were 4,008 eurosand in the state 4,532 euros.

As a rule, a teacher’s salary is made up of two basic elements: job-related salary and work experience bonuses. In addition, the remuneration may include separate allowances for other duties.

The rough minimum wage in Finland for teachers is roughly 2000 euros. It highly depends on what kind of institution a teacher is employed.


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