Finnish greetings

How to greet people in Finnish

Usually when meeting people we greet them. Same goes with finnish greetings.
It’s extremely helpful to know the most basic greetings that you use when meeting finnish people and when you are interacting with them.

How to say hi in Finnish?

There’s three basic ways to say hello in Finnish; Hei, Terve and Moi.

From these Hei is the most formal one, you can use this with your friends, or even in more important occasion.

How to say hello in Finnish?

Terve and Moi are usually used in more informal settings, like meeting friends or family.

How to say how are you in Finnish?

There are two ways to ask how are you in Finnish.

  • Mitä kuuluu? How are you?
  • Miten menee? How’s it going?

How to say bye in Finnish?

The nice part of these beforementioned greetings is, that you can also combine them to say bye. So in order to say bye-bye, you’d say Moi moi, or Hei hei.

Most common finnish greetings

See some more greetings below, and check our article about Finnish greetings. With any further questions, feel free to book a private tutoring.

  • Hei!                                                 Hi!
  • Moi!                                                Hi!
  • Terve!                                            Hi!
  • Hyvää huomenta!                      Good morning!
  • Hyvää päivää!                              Good day!
  • Hyvää iltaa!                                  Good evening!
  • Hyvää yötä!                                  Good night!
  • Moi moi!/Hei hei!                        Bye-bye!
  • Nähdään!                                      See you!
  • Nähdään myöhemmin!             See you later!
  • Nähdään pian!                             See you soon!
  • Nähdään huomenna!                 See you tomorrow!

Other important finnish words when meeting people

Let’s focus on some other important keywords next. After greeting someone, you might find these words useful

  • Kiitos                                               Thank you
  • Ole hyvä                                         You’re welcome
  • Ei se mitään                                   It’s ok (meaning; it is nothing)
  • Mitä kuuluu?                                 How are you?
  • Hyvää kiitos                                   Good, thank you (a reply for the last one)
  • Miten menee?                               How’s it going?
  • Hyvin/hyvin menee                     It’s going well.
  • Hauska tutustua                          Nice to get to you(literally: Funny to get to know you)
  • Hauska tavata                               Nice to meet you(literally: Funny to meet you)
  • Kiitos samoin                                Thanks, you too.

After learning all these words, it’s time to move on. Navigate from the beginner menu to the verb to be, and we’ll start forming sentences.

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