Finnish for beginners

Finnish for beginner, how to start?

I you’re a beginner in Finnish, start from this section. On the drop-down menu you’ll find useful first steps to learn Finnish. This page is dedicated to teach Finnish for beginners, after that you can move to the more advanced section.

Short overview of Finnish language.

Finland has approximately five million people. Of these 93% speaks Finnish as their mother tongue. The country is bilingual, the other official language is Swedish which roughly 6% of the population speaks.

The origin of Finnish language is uncertain. There are several theories which try to find answers to the question why the language is so unique and where does it come from.

Finnish pronunciation

Finland is a phonetic language, so every word is pronounced as it is written . The letters and sound have one-to-one correspondence, so pronunciation will be easy. There are only few pronunciation rules, and with the help of few useful tips you’ll be able to read Finnish fluently.

Every letter is always pronounced the same way and there are no silent letters. You can check more about Finnish alphabet here.

Grammar in Finnish

Grammatically speaking Finnish can be challenging. There are quite a few suffixes and case endings which are added to the words to show their grammatical function. One suffix can change the meaning of a word or a sentence completely. Partly because of this reason Finnish words can be very long. For example, check the article about the longest Finnish words.

How to learn Finnish?

I would suggest you’ll start from the greetings, and then move on to the verb “be”. It’s also good to include conjugation in your learning process as early as possible, since it can be tricky.

If you feel overwhelmed, or need more information feel free to reach me out by email or in Skype. You can find my contact details from the contacts and about us page.

I’d be happy to help you with your process of mastering this fascinating language.